Never tell a kid watching too much TV is bad for them.


As a little kid, Brian watched a lot of TV.

His young mind absorbed every character, nuance, delivery, and actor portrayal. So talking (a lot!) and imitating voices became his second nature.

Brian grew up recording his voice on an old school recorder - mimicking the conversations of adults and the actors he watched on TV.

Today Voice Talent Brian Mitchell is a seasoned professional of voice over work.

Because of his ability to improvise and create voice impressions, Brian landed jobs as a radio DJ in his early twenties. He gained tons of VO experience, eventually making the leap into full-time voiceover work.

Even now, to stay polished in his craft, Brian coaches with some of the top voice over gurus in the industry including former NBC producer Joyce Castellanos and Los Angeles voice-over casting director Elaine Craig.


Just like when he was a little boy, Brian still considers himself a student of whatever is airing, listening to what's current to keep up on the latest trends. Brian also studies the deliveries of individuals he finds most compelling, like renowned actors Peter Coyote, David McCullough and Morgan Freeman.

When he's not in the booth voicing, you'll usually find Brian creating and playing music. Brian plays guitar and sings lead in a rock trio and performs as a solo artist. He even won an MCAI Gold Award for a song parody he created for John Deere’s annual meeting.

Brian also loves baseball and played eleven seasons of amateur league ball. He served several years as chairman of Swing with the Legends, a charitable golf event serving MLB's Alumni Association.

Brian lives north of Chicago with his wife, his two teenage daughters, his dog Andy and two cats always looking for his lap.

And... Brian LOVES dad jokes. His daughters know by heart - You can get married, but you cantaloupe!


"Brian has been a very good boy all year long!"

Santa Claus